Lindsay Lohan Stars in Film While Under House Arrest (Video)

Mario Anzuoni-Pool\Getty Images

Artist Richard Phillips directed the 90-second movie featuring the beleaguered actress alone in a bikini.

Lindsay Lohan stars in a 90-second short film directed by noted artist Richard Phillips.

It will play between June 1-5 at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City and overseas in "Commercial Breaks" - where it will be played on a giant Jumbotron along the Grand Canal in Venice. At the same time, Lohan is under house arrest after pleading no contest to stealing a $2,500 necklace.

The short film was shot last month in Malibu by surf-filmmaker Taylor Steele. It features shots of Lohan in both a bikini and a turtleneck, looking at and away from the camera wistfully, as synthesized rock music plays in the background. She is always alone.

"Lindsay has an incredible emotional and physical presence on screen that holds an existential vulnerability, while harnessing the power of the transcendental - the moment in transition," Phillips said in a statement. "She is able to connect with us past all of our memory and projection, expressing our own inner eminence."

In an interview with the New York Times' T magazine, Phillips said the film was inspired by two 1960s movies: Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt, starring Brigitte Bardot, and Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, starring Liv Ullmann.

"What fascinates me about Lindsay are not her problems but the way she embodies an eminence on the level of a Bardot or an Ullmann,” Phillips said. “She’s a combination of the fantastic and the real, which is what makes her so magnetic. She can also bring forward an existential presence that speaks to the isolated self.”

He says the video is a psychological portrait that intends to unite Lohan's split personalities, character traits of both actresses in the respective movies.

Phillips had never met Lohan before deciding to work with her.

“I never met her before the shoot,” Phillips said. “We only texted. But she showed up on time and worked an entire day, and hit every take on the money.”

Lohan is also set to play John Gotti Jr.’s wife, Kim, in the upcoming Fiore Films mobster Gotti movie.

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