Lindsay Lohan Suing Pitbull Over Song Lyric

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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 04:  Actress Lindsay Lohan attends the Giuseppe Zanotti Design Beverly Hills Store Opening dinner held at BOA Sunset on February 4, 2011 in West Hollywood, California. 

In the lawsuit, she and her lawyers claim that a line from "Give Me Everything" "are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff."

NEW YORK -- Lindsay Lohan is reportedly suing the creators of Pitbull's No. 1 hit "Give Me Everything" over a disparaging lyric that she claims is in breach of "New York civil rights laws."

According to TMZ, Lohan and her lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, are attacking "Give Me Everything" writers Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Pitbull for the latter's rhyme, "Hustlers move aside, so I'm tiptoeing, to keep flowing/I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan." In her lawsuit, Lohan and her legal team claim that "the lyrics, by virtue of its wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants about the plaintiff are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff."

The lawsuit seeks an injunction to halt the broadcasting of the song, which is on Pitbull's latest album, Planet Pit. Lohan, who identifies herself as "a professional actor of good repute and standing in the Screen Actors Guild, is suing under the New York civil rights laws, which protects people from having their name exploited for commercial purposes."

"Give Me Everything" has given Pitbull (real name: Armando Christian Perez) his biggest hit yet, reaching No. 1 on the Hot 100 in June and selling 2.96 million copies since its release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Representatives for Pitbull and Ne-Yo did not respond to queries about the lawsuit at press time.