Lindsay Lohan Trial Postponed

Lindsay Lohan SXSW - P 2013
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Lindsay Lohan SXSW - P 2013

The "Canyons" actress faces three misdemeanors stemming from a June 2012 car accident.

The latest Lindsay Lohan trial -- this one involving a trio of misdemeanors stemming from a car accident on Pacific Coast Highway -- was postponed Wednesday.

The Associated Press reports that the trouble magnet, clad in a black dress, confirmed during her Los Angeles court appearance that she's switched lawyers; judge Stephanie Sautner, shaking her head in disapproval, set the trial for March 18 and a hearing for March 1. Since Sautner is retiring, a new judge will take oversee the Lohan case.

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Lohan -- who headlines The Canyons, the Paul Schrader-directed erotic thriller co-starring porn star James Deen -- has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanors of reckless driving, lying to a police officer and obstructing an officer from performing duties following a June 2012 incident in which her car crashed into a dump truck on the PCH.

Meanwhile, her New York City nightclub brawl remains under investigation. Earlier this month, prosecutors postponed court proceedings on whether to make a case against Lohan for the Nov. 29 incident the club Avenue in which a woman claimed she slapped her in the face. Lohan was arrested and charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault.