Lindsay Lohan's Court Dress Criticized

Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

One person suggested on Twitter that her lawyer "carry back-up clothing in [her] bag for her."

Lindsay Lohan pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft Wednesday -- but blogs are accusing her of another crime: wearing an inappropriate dress to court.

Some sites, including TMZ, noted the actress seemed to be channeling Sharon Stone in 1992's erotic thriller Basic Instinct.

USA Today analyzed that the white dress is the color associated with innocence; another person Twittered that Lohan's lawyer should "carry back-up clothing in [her] bag for her."

Yahoo!'s A-Line blog wrote, "As opposed to the somber suits and neutral colors Lohan has donned to previous court dates, this time the embattled actress's outfit looked more appropriate for a celebrity product launch party or a night out on the town."

E! wrote of the short, skintight dress, "Was it a fashion misdemeanor?" The Huffington Post's headline screamed, "Lindsay Lohan Shows Lots Of Leg At Court."

"I tell my clients to dress like you're going to church or temple," defense attorney Mark Geragos said on the Today show Wednesday.

This isn't the first time Lohan has been criticized for what she wore to court. For a July appearance, she had "Fuck U" manicured on her nails.