Lindsay Pulsipher Guest Stars on 'Law and Order: SVU,' Potential for Recurring Role

Lindsay Pulsiper - PR Head Shot - P - 2011
Kates Zatmari

It’s a sisterhood, but it ain’t no sorority.

Lindsay Pulsipher guest stars on tonight's episode of Law & Order: SVU as Kim Rollins, the troubled younger sister of Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish).

The Kim Rollins character makes her debut as the squad investigates the kidnapping of an underage girl who follows her older sister to a college party. This sisterly storyline coincides with Detective Rollins’ surprise visit, which opens Pandora’s box of childhood baggage both siblings are forced to confront.

“You get to see a different side of Amanda: the older, the responsible, the bigger sister,” Giddish says. “It’s about stepping up to the plate for your family when you need to be there, and I think you see Amanda do that for her sister in a storyline that very much reflects and mirrors the primary storyline.”

The actresses have worked together before, when Pulsipher guested on NBC's short-lived 2010 drama Chase, which starred Giddish as a U.S. marshal. Creating believable family history in an hour episode posed a challenge, but both women agree their familiarity contribute to audience believability. “By the end of the episode, I feel like we’ve really created a lot of history,” Pulsipher says.

There is so much history between the sisters that executive producer Warren Leight wants Kim Rollins to return; this would be no hardship to Pulsipher who describes the SVU cast as warm, welcoming and professional. And much is left unresolved between the two sisters at the end of the episode, which allows for Pulsipher’s character to recur throughout the duration of Season 14.

“It’s always fun for me to play a character that is flawed because it’s really fun to kind of explore the psychology behind that,” Pulsipher says. “It’s really interesting to kind of play all of the different colors of [Kim Rollins’] past and how it’s brought her to this place.”

SVU fans get an all-access pass into the battered and painful history of the Rollins sisters’ lives that allows audiences to see beyond the gold badge and detective title.

“[Amanda’s] had her own issues,” Giddish says, "but I think part of the joy of playing a character like that is you get to play someone who gets to fight back, who gets to rise from whatever troubles from the bottom and kind of come up to the top.”

The "Friending Emily" episode of Law & Order: SVU airs at 9 tonight on NBC.