'Whose Line Is It Anyway?': 7 Best Improv Moments (Video)

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'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'

Ahead of its season premiere on April 17, THR rounds up the comedy series' funniest improvised sketches from past years.

On Friday, season eleven of the improv comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway? — where everything is made up and the points don't matter — will make its premiere on The CW.

The latest season of the long-running show, which first aired on ABC in 1998, will star original players Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Wayne Brady and host Aisha Tyler, along with a new slate of guest appearances.

In anticipation of its return on April 17, take a look at some of the best improvised sketches from past years below.


1. Colin Mochrie turns "Irish Drinking Song" X-rated.

During an "Irish Drinking Song" sketch, the cast took turns singing lines about a bad break-up with a man named Joe. After Stiles, Brady and Chip Esten all sang, "But that's the way I like it. I like being alone. Oh, sure, sometimes I miss him," Mochrie closed the song with, "Joe had a nice bone--," causing the entire set to break into laughter. Brady had to make a note of reminding Mochrie that he was on national television.

2. Ryan Stiles shatters Drew Carey's desk lights.

Stiles, who was assigned to act as "Carol Channing whose head keeps getting stuck to things" in a game called "Party Quirks," rammed his head (a little too hard) into the side of then-host Drew Carey's desk, breaking the glass on its light-up display. Despite the initial shock, he managed to stay entirely in character until the buzzer rang and signaled the end of the skit.

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3. Kevin McHale scores the perfect catch.

Glee's Kevin McHale made a guest appearance during the show's ninth season, participating in a game called "Helping Hands." Mochrie used his own hands to stuff popcorn into Stiles' mouth, and when Stiles aimed to shoot the popcorn out of his mouth and into McHale's, the actor perfectly caught a kernel in mid-air.

4. Colin Mochrie invades the green screen.

For another rendition of the show's "Green Screen" sketch, Mochrie was given the task of guessing what was being shown on a green screen behind him, using only commentary by Stiles and Esten as clues. It took Mochrie just a few minutes to catch on that what was projecting on the screen was actually just hilarious footage of himself. 

5. Richard Simmons becomes a living prop.

Richard Simmons joined the Whose Line cast for a skit about living props during season five. Hilarity ensued when Simmons transformed into a telescope, deck chair and jet ski, and Mochrie and Stiles' impromptu lines brought Carey to tears from laughing so hard.

6. A curious Colin Mochrie gets handsy.

In an effort to properly play the role of a party guest who "suspects that people are not the sex they claim to be and is trying to find out for sure," Mochrie got touchy-feely with Stiles, Brady and recurring cast member Kathy Greenwood in an uncensored "Party Quirks" sketch. Though they were all committed in playing along (except Stiles, who tried his best to cover up), nobody had any ideas as to why Mochrie was obsessively targeting their private areas.

7. Brad Sherwood and Drew Carey bust out the bald jokes.

For a game of "Hoedown," the cast was asked by the studio audience to sing a song about going bald, and as expected, the performance ended up turning into a Colin Mochrie tease-fest. Sherwood and Carey both made direct jabs at him during their turns, but Mochrie countered their jokes with a comeback of his own, singing, "People always kid me 'cause I'm losing all my hair. I can't really help it that I'm follically-impaired. It really is quite horrible, but my life is not through. I still get way more sex than than either Brad or Drew."