LinkedIn to Launch Workplace Podcast 'Hello Monday' (Exclusive)

Jessi Hempel - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of LinkedIn

The show will be hosted by LinkedIn senior editor-at-large Jessi Hempel, and each episode will feature an interview with someone who has found success in their field.

LinkedIn is taking the plunge into podcasts with a weekly series focused on the role that work plays in people's lives. 

Hello Monday will be hosted by LinkedIn senior editor-at-large Jessi Hempel. Each episode will feature an interview with someone who has found success in their field and will be supplemented with data from the network's over 600 million members and reporting on its community from managing news editor Caroline Fairchild. 

The show kicks off March 4 featuring an interview with Late Night host Seth Meyers about how to lead a workforce when many of your employees have side gigs. 

"I hope that the podcast helps folks realize that there are tricky moments — and difficult conversations — in all of our careers, and that they take away from the show helpful lessons on how they can better navigate these moments," says Hempel, who joined LinkedIn from Wired in October. "Work is changing, and the industries in which we begin our careers will change radically, but we can weather those changes. Hello Monday will give listeners the tools and the inspiration to do so." 

She adds that the show will be encouraging feedback from its listeners on their personal workplace stories and will feature those stories on the podcast. 

Hello Monday is LinkedIn editorial's first big push into original podcasts and comes as editor-in-chief Dan Roth has grown the tech company's editorial arm to over 50 editors in nine countries. "One of the main reasons that people use LinkedIn is to stay informed, to get the news and information they need to stay ahead," he says, pointing to the company's Daily Rundown feature that reaches 60 million people each day. Podcasting is the next step. "There is tremendous demand in the professional world for podcasts," he adds. "If this is the way that people are consuming content or getting their information, then LinkedIn needs to be part of that." 

Starting with Hello Monday, LinkedIn is focusing on the broad theme of how people can find happiness in the 90,000 or so hours they will spend at work during their lifetimes. "A lot of people don't wake up to Monday saying, 'Awesome, it's Monday,'" says Roth. "We want to somehow capture that experience. You should look forward to going to work so Monday is a good day for you rather than a day of mourning for the lost weekend." 

Hello Monday will be available March 4 on LinkedIn and everywhere that podcasts can be downloaded. A teaser of the first episode is available below. LinkedIn teamed with Cadence13 to distribute the show and is repped by UTA.