Linkin Park Releases 'Carpool Karaoke' With Chester Bennington on Facebook

From left: Ken Jeong, Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn and Chester Bennington

The episode, with actor-comedian Ken Jeong, was filmed less than a week before the frontman's suicide.

One of the best ways to heal the pain of losing someone you love is by remembering the moments you shared together, when you smiled, laughed, cried or just acted ridiculous.

And though Linkin Park fans and Chester Bennington's family are likely still in the throes of anguish over the frontman's death in July, a small ray of light arrived on Thursday in the form of the Apple Music: Carpool Karaoke segment the late singer filmed with his band less than a week before his July 20 suicide.

The 23-minute episode went up on the band's official Facebook page Thursday morning, and it opens with Bennington laughing and smiling from behind the driver's seat, as actor/comedian Ken Jeong raves about how excited he is to be sharing the fast lane with the band. 

"My humble pitch is just I can join the group ... maybe? Maybe?," Jeong says as Bennington laughs at the Dr. Ken star's suggestion they change the name to Linken Park. "Nice, so you just come in and you take over the band? I love it!" Bennington says.

The good times keep rolling as they bust into a hand-clapping cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya!" with Bennington — wearing a grey V-neck t-shirt and matching wool cap — bopping along and matching Jeong's high notes. The actor's awkward hard-press about not just joining but leading the band continues as he relentlessly teases bandmember Mike Shinoda about leaving the group, leading to the Linkin Park co-founder saying he's, yes, "Numb," to the comedian's jibes.

As the ride continues, Jeong finds out how Bennington came up with his signature "scringing" (scream/singing) style and then gets a tutorial on how to pull it off, which ends with the singer saying, "This is probably the greatest day of my life." They run through another Jeong-ified version of an LP classic, "In the End," with turntablist Joe Hahn left speechless by the actor's "Mr. Chow" coda to the tune. They play some games, sing "Talking to Myself" and Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under the Bridge," and join Jeong in his ridiculous dance routine audition to become the band's official "fly girl."

In light of Bennington's death, it's hard not to focus on his wide smile and endless enthusiasm during the segment, in which he talks about his terrible jobs (leaf-blowing), the joy he takes in talking to his kids about their dreams and his willingness to be a total goofball when Jeong leads the trio onto a tricked-out karaoke bus to sing Lynyrd Skynyrd covers with a random senior citizen.

Before the episode plays the screen reads: "With the blessing of Chester's family and his bandmates, we share this episode and dedicate it to the memory of Chester. This was taped July 14, 2017."

Watch the full episode below.

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