'The Lion King 3D': What the Moviegoers Are Saying

Walt Disney

Disney’s limited theatrical release has viewers reminiscing about the first time they saw the animated classic.

Disney’s Lion King 3D roared into theaters Friday, exceeding all expectations with a first-day gross of $8.8 million at the domestic box office and is now on course to gross as much as $25 million for the weekend.

Families, and especially parents who have fond memories of watching the original, are flocking to theaters to watch the film on the big screen. The 1994 Disney film, one of the most popular of all time, will have a limited 2-week run in theaters before the re-release of the film on Blu-ray and DVD on October 4.

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Many moviegoers expressed their excitement with seeing the film in theaters again, even comparing it to the first time they saw the film years ago:

Lion King in 3D. Cool to experience on big screen with my kids this time instead of my 11th grade boyfriend...” wrote Shana Killingsworth.

“AMAZING!!! I saw the original 10x in the theater - was awesome taking my son to see it on the big screen in 3D today :)” wrote Tiffany Swartz.

Other moviegoers wrote about the addition of 3D, and whether that made a difference in their moviegoing experience.

“Lion King was great of course and I actually liked the 3D. Brought back memories of my childhood,” wrote Joseph Morgan.

“Saw The Lion King 3D this morning...gosh, that's a great movie - even better in 3D! Wanted to sing out loud to all the songs in the theatre,” wrote Ghennipher.

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“The 3D was really wonderfully done. Not gimmicky at all. Lion King is a masterpiece that can't be ruined,” wrote Jon.

“Went and saw Lion King 3d today. Such a great film. While the 3d is definitely not needed it was actually pretty well done,” wrote Nathan Friday.

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“We saw The Lion King in 3D. I've never been a big lion king fan, but this version of the movie was fun!” wrote Jennifer.

Many moviegoers gushed about their satisfaction with the re-release of the Disney film:

“Just saw Lion King in 3D. It was an amazing movie. One that is a wholesome delight for the family!” wrote Robinette Cross.

“Lion King in 3D was breathtaking and made me cry the entire movie. I must see it everyday while it's in theaters!!” wrote Ruby Camarillo.

“I saw this at like 4:00 pm yesterday and i still have goosebumps,” wrote Ryan Harman.