Florida Hotel Wakes Guests by Blaring 'Lion King' Tune "Circle of Life" (Video)

Lion King - Movie Still: Monkey holding Simba - H - 1994
Walt Disney

Simba would be proud.

If you work at the Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach, Fla., you better be a pretty big fan of the Lion King soundtrack.

The hotel blasts the song "Circle of Life" every morning of spring break at 11 a.m., according to Fox 11

The song from the 1994 Disney film is played through speakers near the pool area, and visitors often stand on their balconies to listen to the upbeat tune.

Playing the song has become something of a ritual for the hotel since it first started doing so in 2012. Holiday Inn employees tell Fox that upwards of several hundred people call in each year to make sure that the song will be played during their stay.

"Circle of Life," written by Elton John and Tim Rice, was nominated for an Oscar for best original song in 1994.

The video below shows hotel patrons listening to the song.

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