Lion Rock on board for 'Color Me Love'

Chinese sitcom writer Ning Caishen penned script

HONG KONG -- Lion Rock Entertainment is backing the $3 million Chinese romantic comedy "Color Me Love" set in Beijing's thriving art and magazine publishing worlds, producer Terence Chang said Tuesday.

Directed by Alexi Tan ("Blood Brothers"), the film written by Chinese sitcom writer Ning Caishen is co-produced by Ben Ji, president of Beijing-based investor Angel's Wings Entertainment.

Starring Liu Ye ("Dark Matter") as a modern painter and Yao Chen as his newcomer deputy fashion editor girlfriend, the film bears some resemblance to "Devil Wears Prada" for the Chinese market, Ji said.

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But Chang said the similarities stop at the editor-in-chief character, played by Joan Chen, who is due to arrive on set in Beijing a few weeks.

"Her character is nice, not the devil," Chang said.

The film began shooting on March 8 and is set to wrap in late April toward a planned autumn release, probably with state-run Huaxia Film Distribution, Ji said.

The movie is being shot by Cao Yu, who won the best cinematography prize at the Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong on Monday night for his work on director Lu Chuan's Nanjing massacre film "City of Life and Death."

"Color me Love" also stars Monica Mo ("Yi Ban Hai Shui"), as the painter's ex-wife. "She's hot," Chang said.