Oscars: 'Lion' Star Sunny Pawar Steals Hearts With 'Lion King' Pose

The eight-year-old is winning over Hollywood hearts this awards season.

Academy Awards host Jimmy Kimmel took a moment on Sunday to visit with Lion's Sunny Pawar to the delight of the audience, re-creating his favorite moment from the animated pic The Lion King. 

After dropping candy from the ceiling for the crowd, Kimmel asked if the young star had enjoyed any of it, to which Pawar answered in a resounding affirmative, earning him "awws" and laughs. 

Kimmel asked if he enjoyed Lion King, and Pawar agreed to re-create the big moment from the film. After joking that Pawar would have to hold Kimmel up as Rafiki holds up Simba in the film, he agreed that it may be best if they went the other way around. 

Kimmel held Pawar up high as "The Circle of Life" played in the Dolby Theatre, with the crowd laughing and Pawar announcing that Mike and Ikes were about to fall from the ceiling for the crowd's enjoyment. 

Earlier this awards season, Pawar became known as this year's Jacob Tremblay, who stole Hollywood's hearts last year at awards ceremonies as the star of Room.

At the Golden Globes, the audience cheered and "awwed" as Pawar joined his Lion co-star onstage. The young actor only spoke one line into the microphone, after Dev Patel picked him up to reach it: "This is our movie, Lion!" But the crowd was already won over. 

The 89th Academy Awards were held at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center and aired on ABC. 

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