Lionel Chetwynd joins Canada-Italy co-pro

To develop Diego Cugia Italian crime novel as 12-hour series

TORONTO -- Writer-producer Lionel Chetwynd has joined up with DAP Italy and Fremantle Corporation to co-develop an Italian crime novel by Diego Cugia as a 12-hour TV series.

Italian broadcaster MediaSet earlier picked up the broadcast rights to "The Merchant of Flowers" TV drama, which will be shot in Italy as a Canadian-European co-production and sold into the international market.

The project, set against the backdrop of international sex slavery, is the first in a slate of TV dramas from Toronto-based Fremantle and Italian partner DAP.

"For me this is one of those rare opportunities to deal with a true infection of the human spirit in an uncompromising way," Chetwynd said in a statement.