Lionsgate backs Pfeiffer


Lionsgate will invest in the new Asia TV channels and content business being set up in Hong Kong by veteran Asia media executive William Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer, who worked with several top Lionsgate executives at Sony in the 1990s, opened the new operation in Hong Kong this week. That follows his recent exit after seven years from Malaysian-owned film and television outfit Celestial Pictures (HR 3/6).

Pfeiffer declined to disclose the identity of his backers or funding details for the new venture, which will launch television channels and create Asian content for global distribution.

Celestial said last week that Pfeiffer's contract had expired. It said it would "continue to explore new and digital opportunities for the Shaw library, to enhance and strengthen the Celestial TV channels for global distribution, and to work closely with leading talents in China, Hong Kong and elsewhere to create top-quality content for markets worldwide."

The statement also said the board was considering "various options" and would announce a replacement "when the decision is taken in due course."

Celestial reported EBITDA losses of $4.7 million in the nine months ending in October on revenue of $18 million. Astro said the losses were 50% lower year-over-year.

Pfeiffer set up Celestial in 2001 with investment from Malaysian billionaire Ananda Krishnan. The operation was later incorporated into Krishnan's venture Astro All Asia Networks in Malaysia.

Jonathan Landreth in New York contributed to this report.