Lionsgate finds new Quebec distrib


TORONTO -- Canadian distributor Seville Pictures on Thursday said it has a deal to release Lionsgate films in Quebec.

The move follows last week's announcement by Quebec film distributor Christal Films that it had ended a six-year joint venture with Vancouver-based Lionsgate and Toronto-based Maple Pictures, the Canadian distributor of Lionsgate product (HR 5/11).

To ensure continued distribution of Lionsgate movies, Maple Pictures signed an agreement with Seville Pictures for the distribution of new releases and catalog films in Quebec.

The pact, which covers all distribution rights, will kick off with the June 8 theatrical release of Eli Roth's "Hostel 2."

"We are very enthusiastic about working with Maple Pictures and Lionsgate, two important companies whose films complement our own," Seville Pictures co-president David Reckziegel said in a statement.

Canadian distributors have traditionally focused on either the country's French-speaking market in Quebec, or the English-language market in the rest of Canada.

In ending its ties with Maple Pictures and Lionsgate, Christal Films said it will release its own film and video slate as well as make all TV sales, outside of Quebec.