Lionsgate Inks Output Deal with Belgium's Belga Films

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Following on the success of films such as "The Help" and "The Hunger Games," states from Mississippi to North Carolina are in Hollywood to make sure they maximize awareness of programs designed to bring shoots home.

The Belgian distributor will release the mini-studio's titles in that European market after success with "The Hunger Games" and the "Twilight" franchise.

TORONTO – This must be Belgium.

As Lionsgate continues a whirlwind world tour to sign output deals with major distributors, the latest partnership unveiled Thursday is with Belgium’s Belga Films for release of the mini-studio’s titles in the Benelux.

As with many of the earlier deals, Lionsgate is cementing a relationship with a distributor that released earlier titles like The Hunger Games and Summit Entertainment’s Twilight franchise.

"This output agreement provides us with a consistent pipeline of some of the most commercially exciting films in the world, including the next three installments of the blockbuster Hunger Games franchise," said Jerome de Bethune, COO of Belga Films.

Lionsgate has recently unveiled separate output deals with with StudioCanal in Germany, Nordisk Films in Scandinavia, Alliance's Aurum Producciones in Spain, Roadshow Pictures in Australia and Metropolitan Filmworks in France.

The Canadian-based mini-studio will continue to release its own titles in the UK, and has a self-distribution partnership with IDC in Latin America.

The latest distribution deal was negotiated for Lionsgate by Patrick Wachsberger and Lionsgate executive vp international legal & business affairs Michael Meyer.