Lionsgate Leads Global Consortium to Remake Local-Language Movies

Globalgate_executives_Split - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of Lionsgate

Globalgate_executives_Split - Publicity - H 2016

The 'Hunger Games' studio is pacting with Paul Presburger, William Pfeiffer and Clifford Werber and international distributors behind Globalgate Entertainment.

Lionsgate is teaming with three Los Angeles-based distribution veterans and international partners including Germany's Tobis and France's Gaumont to remake local-language films around the world as part of Globalgate Entertainment.

The venture to target international markets with strong local-language movie followings will be led by veteran execs Paul Presburger, William Pfeiffer and Clifford Werber. Globalgate will pact with Lionsgate to identify local-language films that worked in one market worldwide, including the U.S., and may travel elsewhere overseas as remade versions.

These films will be distributed by the consortium's partners and co-financed by an affiliated Globalgate Fund. "I’ve known the Globalgate team for 25 years, and their experience, relationships and entrepreneurial skills will help establish the venture as a unique player in local-language film production,” Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said Monday in a statement.

The Hunger Games studio said Globalgate is the first venture to embrace a "distributor-aligned, equity financing structure to local-language film production on a global scale."

Feltheimer added in his statement: "By aligning ourselves with some of the top content companies in the world, Globalgate provides us with an opportunity to grow our presence in local-language films, leverage the content in our library and further mine exciting new IP and talent around the world." 

Globalgate’s partners include Belga (Benelux), Kadokawa (Japan), Lotte (Korea), Nordisk Film (Scandinavia), Televisa/Videocine (Mexico) and TME (Turkey).

"We are excited to have our vast library of films, books and manga adapted around the world by Globalgate," Kadokawa CEO Daiji Horiuchi said in his own statement. 

Additionally, Globalgate is eyeing new partners in China, India, and other key territories to join the consortium. Globalgate founders Werber, Pfeiffer and Presburger are veterans in making local-language films in partnership with major studios and indie producers including Fox, Warner Bros., Disney, Sony, Celestial and Pantelion.

Pantelion is a joint venture between Lionsgate and Latin media giant Grupo Televisia. Werber, Pfeiffer and Presburger between them have backed local-language films that include the Mexican remake of the German comedy Fack Ju Goehte; remakes in China, France and other markets for the Mexican comedy Instructions Not Included; and remakes of the Brazilian comedy Se Eu Fosse Voce for several world markets.

Lionsgate points to a thriving world market for local-language films — a 90 percent share in India, 60 percent of China's exhibition market, 55 percent in Japan and a 50 percent share in Korea — to explain its backing for Globalgate

Presburger will continue as CEO of Pantelion Films as he helps lead Globalgate. Pfeiffer will serve as senior advisor to Lionsgate as the studio joins the Globalgate consortium.