Lionsgate-MySpace deal is skin deep


Lionsgate has struck a marketing partnership with MySpace that will promote the studio's holiday-season movies with the social network's new Profile 2.0 initiative.

MySpace users can choose branded skins from "The Spirit," "Transporter 3," starring Jason Statham, and "The Punisher: War Zone" in this week's rollout of Profile 2.0, which allow the site's subscribers to upgrade their profile pages in a new, customizable style.

Users who opt for the branded skin "themes" featuring the films essentially turn their profile pages into billboards for the movies. Using the skins also leads to a sweepstakes component.

While Lionsgate is the launch partner for Profile 2.0, dozens of other brands will be offered in the coming weeks, including celebrity-driven ones for the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Kim Kardashian.

The companies declined to specify financial details of Lionsgate's sponsorship package. The studio has collaborated with MySpace on previous marketing partnerships. (partialdiff)