Lionsgate Releases 'Knives Out' Chris Evans Promo Sweater

Sweater Lionsgate and Chris Evans wearing the sweater from Knives Out -Split - Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy Lionsgate; Claire Folger/MRC II Distribution Company

The studio is sending members of the press a limited-edition black crewneck with an image of Chris Evans in his internet-famous sweater: "When the world asks to be swaddled by Chris, we deliver."

Even before Knives Out's Nov. 27 release date, the cozy, white cable-knit sweater worn in the film by Chris Evans had become an obsession among fans and social media users. 

Jamie Lee Curtis, who co-stars in the Lionsgate whodunnit, admitted Friday on Twitter, "I am upstaged by a SWEATER!"

"Don’t worry, Jamie," Evans responded. "That cable-knit is a one-trick pony. Let’s see it try and pull off a beach scene. No range."

Costume designer Jenny Eagan told The Hollywood Reporter last month: "I'm not sure if it's the sweater or who's wearing the sweater. … That might be part of it, too. He looks pretty great."

Now, Lionsgate is leaning into the popularity of Evans' Aran knitwear; the official @KnivesOut Twitter account changed its name to “Chris Evans’ Sweater Stan Account” on Thursday. After reverting back on Friday, it posted, "The stan account might be gone, but the sweaters are forever." 

Later that day, THR received a marketing email from Lionsgate with the subject line "Swaddled by Chris?" wherein the distributor announced that it would be mailing out limited-edition promo crewnecks featuring an image of Evans in his famous knit. The black merch, emblazoned with the phrase "eat shit," will be sent by Dec. 18 to journalists and 100 random winners of their now-over Twitter giveaway.

A spokesperson for Lionsgate sent a statement to THR about why it decided to play up the pullover craze: "We understand there are many factors to a film's success, [including] great social listening. Knives Out is not only spectacular in its writing and ensemble, the plot is also relevant with very relatable characters (and, apparently, wardrobe). We want our audience to feel heard and be part of the Knives Out family in a way that's meaningful to them, so when the world asks to be swaddled by Chris, we deliver! Truly, what better way to spend the holiday than in the arms of Chris Evans?"

Whatever Lionsgate's marketing strategy is, it's already working: Knives Out scored a Golden Globe nomination for best comedy or musical on Monday, along with acting nods for Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig. Eagan earned a Costume Designers Guild Award nomination on Tuesday, too, for those stellar sweater selection skills. 

MRC, the studio behind Knives Out, shares a parent company with THR.