Lionsgate Renews Film Slate Deal With Grindstone Entertainment

The new agreement includes multi-year deals for Grindstone's Barry Brooker and Stan Wertlieb.

TORONTO -- Lionsgate has extended a film slate deal with Grindstone Entertainment Group.

The latest agreement includes multi-year deals for Grindstone president and CEO Barry Brooker and principal Stan Wertlieb.

The long-standing partnership between the mini studio and Grindstone has produced successful releases like Empire State, starring Dwayne Johnson, and Frozen Ground, top-lined by Nicolas Cage and John Cusack.

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Lionsgate last reupped its deal with Grindstone Entertainment Group and Emmett/Furla Films in 2012 for another 10 movies.

"We expect them to continue to serve as a reliable source of profitable films featuring world-class talent in the years to come and, as they continue to evolve as a label, we look forward to elevating our Grindstone relationship to the next level," Lionsgate co-COO and motion picture group president Steve Beeks said in a statement Thursday.