Lionsgate Reups Grindstone/Emmett Furla Film Slate Deal

Lionsgate Official Logo - H 2012

Lionsgate Official Logo - H 2012

The indie studio is to release another ten movies from the partnership, starting with "Empire State," which stars Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth and Emma Roberts.

TORONTO - Lionsgate Entertainment has renewed its film slate deal with Grindstone Entertainment Group and Emmett/Furla Films for another 10 movies.

The latest agreement follows the Vancouver-based indie studio releasing four to five films annually under the Lionsgate/Grindstone Entertainment names, including the Bruce Willis-starrer Set Up, the crime drama Freelancers, starring Robert DeNiro and Forrest Whitaker, and the serial killer thriller The Frozen Ground, starring Nicolas Cage and John Cusack.

"Grindstone has been an important supplier of content for our filmed entertainment business in recent years, and their pipeline of commercially exciting, quality films from Emmett/Furla has been a key element of their success," Lionsgate co-COO and motion picture group president Steve Beeks said Thursday.

Next up for a Lionsgate release from the Grindstone/Emmett/Furla collaboration is the crime thriller Empire State, which stars Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth and Emma Roberts.