Lionsgate Wins U.K. Box Office Over the Weekend

The studio tops the list with three movies,"Salmon Fishing in the Yemen," "The Hunger Games" and "Cabin In The Woods."

LONDON -- Lionsgate UK is heralding an unusual box office situation for an indie distributor with three of its releases in the top four after the weekend ending April 22.

TOP TEN: 'The Hunger Games'

The release of Salmon Fishing In The Yemen hooked £1.2 million ($1.93 million) landing second top spot.

The first week on release tally nosed ahead of Lionsgate's ongoing roll out of The Hunger Games which bit off £1.1 million ($1.77 million) for third place.

And in fourth spot and the distributor's third top five performer is Cabin In The Woods scaring and laughing its way to £1 million ($1.61 million).

But the trio of Lionsgate million pound performers couldn't fight to the top of the charts for the weekend tally as Universal's Battleship sunk all-comers with £1.3 million ($2.09 million).

Top five UK for April 20-22

 1.  Battleship (Universal)  £1,282,091 ($2,066,000)

 2.  Salmon Fishing in the Yemen  £1,169,235 ($1,882,000)

 3.  The Hunger Games £1,070,787 ($1,722,000)

 4.  Cabin In The Woods  £1,033,533 ($1,663,000)

 5Titanic 3D £925,740 ($1,490,110)