Lionsgate UK Inks Content Supply Deal With Netflix

Jin Lee/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Lionsgate's latest effort to monetize its content on digital platforms has produced a supply deal between Lionsgate UK and Netflix.

TORONTO -- Lionsgate UK inked a multiyear content deal with Netflix that hands the indie studio’s UK arm a major pay TV deal in the British market.

The deal follows on the heels of Vancouver-based Lionsgate's syndication deal with Netflix for seven seasons of Mad Men signed earlier this year, and a Lionsgate’s Epix multiplatform network streaming content deal with the U.S. video streaming giant inked last year.

Lionsgate’s latest deal with Netflix follows aggressive efforts to monetize its content on new and emerging digital platforms.

That includes a streaming deal with Hulu for the cooking competition series Hell's Kitchen.

Executives at Netflix were not available for comment Thursday on a possible expansion into the UK market signalled by the Lionsgate UK deal.