Lionsgate U.K. Snags British Rights to 'Jack Falls'

Watch out sales agents, there’s a fresh threat stalking the halls. Independent producers doing independent deals.

Producers Andy Thompson and Simon Phillips have sealed a deal with Lionsgate U.K. for the British rights to their movie Jack Falls.

Lionsgate’s Nicola Pearcy bought all U.K. rights for the film, the third in the trilogy of Jack films based on the comic of the same name, is written and directed by Paul Tanter and Alexander Williams.

The movie, billed as a gritty British action thriller, was shot in high contrast black and white with splashes of color, in a Sin City style.

The movie details the story of former undercover police officer Jack Adleth who returns to London after a failed attempt on his life to settle old scores.

The film stars Tamer Hassan (The Business, Layer Cake), Jason Flemying (Kick-Ass), Simon Phillips (The Last Seven), Alan Ford (Snatch), Dexter Fletcher (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Adam Deacon (Adulthood), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Zach Galligan (Gremlins) and Martin Kemp (The Krays).

U.K.-based sales and financier Stealth Media Group are repping the international rights.