Lionsgate Wolf Whistles for 'Alpha and Omega' DVD Release Promo

Lionsgate promotes wolf-themed home entertainment release as it pursues Carl Icahn in Manhattan courtroom.

TORONTO – Here’s a coincidence: Having managed to keep Carl Icahn at bay, Lionsgate is inviting moviegoers to “adopt a wolf” as part of its upcoming Alpha and Omega Blu-ray and DVD release promotion.

Vancouver-based Lionsgate pacted with animal protectors Defenders of Wildlife for an Alpha and Omega-branded “adopt a wolf” donation as part of its Jan. 11 home entertainment release of the animated feature about two wolves, an alpha, Kate, and a bottom rung omega, Humphrey.

The studio also teamed up with theme park operator Great Wolf Resorts for cross-promotional deals available with the Blu-ray and DVD combo pack for Alpha and Omega.

Great Wolf Resorts will in turn promote the home entertainment release at its venues.

Alpha and Omega features voices by Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, the late Dennis Hopper, Danny Glover and Christina Ricci.

The home entertainment release promotion follows Icahn, Lionsgate’s largest shareholder, last month all but raising the white flag in his proxy battle with the mini-studio.

But Lionsgate isn’t done battling the activist shareholder with lawsuits, having last week filed in a New York district court a motion to compel Icahn to disclose a secret MGM merger plan.

The "Icahn Group still has failed to disclose its plans to facilitate a Lionsgate-MGM transaction, including the terms of Icahn’s still-secret agreement with MGM creditors regarding a possible merger,” the mini studio told the Manhattan court.

Lionsgate also named former Lionsgate shareholder Mark Cuban and his business partner Joe Francis, the Girls Gone Wild DVD producer, in its amended complaint.