Lippin funding cancer research


The Lippin Family Trust has created two programs devoted to cancer research and public service in the name of the late Ronnie Lippin, the music publicist and manager who served as president of marketing and public relations firm the Lippin Group.

The announcement was made Monday by her husband, Lippin Group chairman and CEO Dick Lippin, who serves as chairman of the trust. Ronnie Lippin died in December from a rare form of breast cancer.

Both programs are in association with Tower Cancer Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding more effective treatments to prevent, treat and one day cure cancer.

They are the Ronnie Lippin/Tower Cancer Research Foundation Fellowship Program, which will conduct studies to find cures for cancer and to better understand the causes of the disease, and the Ronnie Lippin Cancer Outreach Program at the Tower Cancer Research Foundation, which will be dedicated to providing the public with information about cancer and what loved ones need to know about the realities of dealing with patients and the medical world.

Possible program elements include national surveys, symposiums, speakers bureau and media outreach activities.

"The Tower Cancer Research Foundation is proud to honor Ronnie Lippin in this way," said Solomon Hamburg, president and CEO of the Tower Cancer Research Foundation Board. "We believe these new programs and continued research support will open new doors to patients and their families suffering from cancer."