'Lipstikka' adds cast

Natali Atia, Clara Khoury, Daniel Caltagirone,Tali Knight join

LONDON -- Writer/director Jonathan Sagall has signed up Natali Atia, Clara Khoury, Daniel Caltagirone and Tali Knight to star in his project "Lipstikka."

The movie, due to shoot here in the British capital and on location in Haifa, Israel, details the story of two teenage girls -- one Christian, one Muslim -- who decide to celebrate a birthday by an illicit trip to the cinema and sneak over the divide into West Jerusalem where their paths cross two Israeli soldiers. Years later the two girls come together in London and the layers of remembered events are stripped away revealing vastly different stories that have scarred their lives.

Sagall also produces along with Guy Allon with John Reiss and David Willing taking exec producer roles.

The project is backed by Israel Film Fund, John Reiss & Associates and Monumental Productions. The film is scheduled to be ready for release Spring 2010, the filmmakers said.