Lipton to update 'Cassandra at the Wedding'

Screenwriter-playwright hired for contemporary remake

CANNES -- Screenwriter-playwright Michelle Lipton has been hired by U.K.-based production label F&ME to pen a contemporary update of Dorothy Baker's 1962 novel "Cassandra at the Wedding."

A bittersweet romantic comedy about letting new love begin and old love renew itself, the project is a fresh addition to F&ME's development slate.

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"Baker's 'Cassandra at the Wedding' is a book of enduring freshness and insight, and is a very smart romantic comedy at the same time," F&ME principal Mike Downey said.

The movie details the story of Cassandra and Judith, a pair of young, attractive and intelligent twins who are poles apart personality wise, with one outgoing and one shy. When Jude announces her plans to marry John -- a man Cassy hasn't even met -- it comes as a bit of a shock and the comedy of errors begins.

F&ME also is in the late stages of development with a view to an fall shoot on "Frog Tokyo Zagreb" by Antonio Nuic.

F&ME co-produced Nuic's previous features "All for Free" and "Donkey." "Frog Zagreb Tokyo" is the story of three men on Christmas Eve., two of which are brothers embroilled in fight over God, family, honesty and courage. F&ME will co-produce with Zagreb-nased Propeler Film and Bosnia and Herzegovina's MaNuFakTura.
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