Lisa Frank Live-Action/Animation Hybrid Movie in Development

Lisa Frank

All those school supplies are coming to the big screen.

Kids of the '90s, rejoice! A live-action/animation hybrid feature based on the artwork of Lisa Frank is now in development.

The artist is partnering with Jon Shestack, who recently produced the YA adaption Before I Fall for Awesomeness TV, to develop a feature based on her psychedelic work.

"I have always wanted to do a feature film that brings the world of Lisa Frank to life," said Frank, in an announcement. "We have so much backstory on our characters and they have been alive in my imagination since the beginning." 

Frank's art is a staple of back-to-school shopping, emblazoned across backpacks, binders, pencil cases and stickers. It is recognizable by it's fluorescent color palette and out-there tableaus, which often include some combination of dolphins, rainbows, puppies, bunnies and bears in top hats.

Shestack added: “Lisa Frank’s world is cheerful, it’s optimistic, it’s hip, but it is without snark,” commented Shestack. “It’s just sort of impossible to scowl when you’re smiling, and why would you want to? I’m so stoked to be part of this.”

UTA Independent Film Group is repping the project.