Lisa Frank Releases Adult Coloring Books

Coloring_Book_Lisa_Frank_IG - S 2016

Coloring_Book_Lisa_Frank_IG - S 2016

Reminding buyers of their childhood, the pages are filled with kittens, dolphins, unicorns and flower power explosion.

"Stay calm and keep coloring."

For those who get nostalgic at the thought of loading up the back-to-school shopping cart with endless Lisa Frank folders, binders, stickers and stationery weeks before the start of a new academic year, hold the sniffles.

Lisa Frank revealed in an Instagram video on Thursday that adults can once again embrace the brand with coloring books made specifically for them.

"Lisa Frank Adult Coloring! Ask your local Dollar General store!" the official Lisa Frank account captioned the video, which flipped through numerous coloring pages donning kittens, dolphins, rabbits and bears. The books are available at Dollar General stores.

Lisa Frank founded Lisa Frank Inc. in 1979, which specializes in creating stickers, stationery and school products for youth and preteens. "We want to factor fun with an artist's passion," part of the brand's mission reads.