Lisa Kudrow sued by former manager

Scott Howard claims he's owed commissions

Lisa Kudrow may not be friends with her former manager Scott Howard, but the actress still has to pay him commissions, the agent claims in a lawsuit.

Howard says that Kudrow has failed to pay him commissions since she fired him in 2007. Howard does not put a price tag on what he's owed but is seeking damages of at least $50,000. The suit was filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Howard became Kudrow's manager in 1991, before the actress hit TV gold with "Friends." Initially, they agreed he would receive 10% of Kudrow's earnings, the suit says. After the success of "Friends," they modified the deal, with Howard agreeing to forego commissions on her residuals.

During her 10th year on the sitcom, Howard and Kudrow agreed to lower his commission rate from 10% to 5%. Throughout her time on "Friends" and after, Kudrow paid Howard all commissions entitled to her in upfront or per-episode compensation for "Friends" as well as back-end commissions. All of which totaled $400,000, Howard says.

But since Kudrow fired him, Kudrow has allegedly refused to pay Howard commissions for "Friends" as well as other work the actress had done while he was her personal manager.

Kudrow, now producing the NBC reality series "Who Do You Think You Are?" declined to comment.