Lisa Ling Recalls Drug Use at Raves in New Essay

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Lisa Ling

"There was a reason why they called it 'Ecstasy.' When the drug kicked in, an incomparable feeling of joy overwhelmed my senses."

Lisa Ling — esteemed journalist, former host of The View, and current host of her own CNN show This is Life with Lisa Ling — may not be the first face that comes to mind when you think of '90's rave culture. But according to a new essay she just published, Ling is more familiar with the turn-up than you might think.

"The first time I attended a rave in the early '90s, the weights I carried on my shoulders started to dissipate with ease," Ling writes of discovering the '90s warehouse party scene as an overachieving, ambitious young person.

Like most of those attending the "totally underground" events, Ling took Ecstasy, which she also describes in the essay. "I would by no means characterize myself as a regular consumer," she says, "but I had certainly done it more than once.

"There was a reason why they called it 'Ecstasy,' " Ling continues. "When the drug kicked in, an incomparable feeling of joy overwhelmed my senses. Worries fluttered away and euphoria filled my soul and my heart. The intense beats of the electronic music penetrated every part of my body."

The impetus behind her frank discussion of one of the country's most popular drugs? Safety — an upcoming episode of her show will talk about the dangers of drug use at festivals. "What young people need to be aware of when they decide to take Molly or Ecstasy is that there are risks," she concludes, "just like there were when I carelessly took it."

Read the full essay here, and watch the Mysteryland-themed episode of This is Life with Lisa Ling Wednesday night on CNN at 9 p.m. ET. The preview is below.

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