The A-List

Five titles likely to generate strong interest at this year's market

> "Braquo"
The nail-biting French-language police action thriller "Braquo" comes from European producer-distributor Zodiak Entertainment. Created and co-directed by Oliver Marchal, "Braquo" stars eminent French actors Jean-Hugues Anglade ("Leon," "Nikita") and Nicolas Duvauchelle ("Secret Defense") as part of a hands-on Parisian cop team that alternates between the lawless no-go areas and wealthy upper-class enclaves and slowly gets sucked into a life of crime. Braquo is co-director Oliver Marchal's first production for television and is produced by major French drama producer, Capa Drama, for Canal Plus.

> "Glee"
From Ryan Murphy, the creator of "Nip/Tuck," comes a new comedy for the optimistic underdog in everyone. The series follows a dedicated teacher, who -- against all odds, including a particularly nasty cheerleading coach -- attempts to save McKinley High's Glee Club from obscurity by helping a motley group of underachievers realize their true star potential. Featuring a soundtrack of hit songs from past and present, this acclaimed crowd-pleaser is produced by Ryan Murphy Television in association with 20th Century Fox Television. Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan are co-creators of the series.

> "El Clon"
A Telemundo and Globo TV co-production, the highly anticipated telenovela "El Clon" tells the story of a forbidden romance with a unique twist. After a trip to Morocco during which a young man (Lucas) has a forbidden romance with a young woman named Jade, he returns to Miami following the death of his twin brother Diego. When close family friend and scientist Albieri uses this situation to produce the first human clone by using cells taken from Lucas, an odd love triangle forms between Jade, Lucas and his clone.

> "NCIS: Los Angeles"
Set in Los Angeles' Office of Special Projects, a division of NCIS that is charged with apprehending dangerous and elusive criminals that pose a threat to the nation's security, this CBS Paramount International Television drama follows a team of highly trained agents who go deep undercover to bring down their targets. Chris O'Donnell stars as Special Agent "G" Callen, a chameleon who can become whomever he needs to be to infiltrate the criminal underworld. Co-starring LL Cool J and Linda Hunt, this hourlong drama promises plenty of the action and high-tech intrigue that has made the "NCIS" franchise such a hit.

> "Identity"
ITV Studios Global Entertainment will premiere this hourlong crime series "Identity" at MIPCOM, starring Keeley Hawes ("Ashes to Ashes") and "The Wire" star Aidan Gillen as officers in an elite police unit formed to combat the explosion of identity-related crime. Written and created by Ed Whitmore, "Identity" promises to be a gripping primetime drama from the darker side of reinvention: Murderers who literally take other people's lives, criminals who create new personas to escape evil pasts, impostors who look, talk and sound just like us but would kill in a heartbeat. "Identity" is produced by Lachlan MacKinnon ("City of Vice"), directed by Brendan Maher ("Spooks") and executive produced by Kate Bartlett ("Canterbury Tales").