Listen to Snoop Dogg's Charlie Sheen Rap Tribute 'Winning'

Noah Graham/Getty Images

"Winning's on my mind; that's the only thing I'm thinking of," Snoop raps.

Snoop Dogg pays tribute to Charlie Sheen and his recently coined catchphrase "Winning!" in a new rap song.

The song -- titled "Winning," appropriately enough -- starts out with a female asking: "Oh, good evening Mr. Sheen, are you winning?"

"No, he's smoking right now," Snoop Dogg replies amid sounds of inhaling.

Among the lyrics: "I am intergalactic, no prophylactic, raw uncut but so pornographic, measures are drastic, oh what a classic, hit us on Twitter, look at all the traffic, never lose, on the move, fresh and clean, you are in the mind of the machine."

And just to drive the "Winning" point home, Snoop Dogg also raps, "Winning is all we do, win, win, win!" and "Winning's on my mind that's the only thing I'm thinking of."