From "Literally" to "F— Yeah": Sarah Silverman, Ewan McGregor and More Share Their Most Overused Phrases

"F— yeah," "literally" and "beautiful" were on the list of overused phrases in THR's Sundance lounge.

What do "literally," "f— yeah" and "How many times have I told you to tidy your room?" have in common? A-list stars, including Sarah Silverman and Ewan McGregor, shared their most overused phrases at THR's Sundance lounge.

McGregor, who stars in Last Days in the Desert, was quick to share his most overused phrase, which he frequently directs at his children: "How many times have I told you to tidy your room?" On a simpler, more pleasant note, Desert director Rodrigo Garcia claimed he reverts to "beautiful." Unexpected star Cobie Smulders admitted "literally" is her go-to.

Dope actor Shameik Moore called out co-star Kiersey Clemons on what she frequently said on set. "I know what you say: 'F— yeah, f— yeah!' " Clemons then defended herself: "I get really excited."

I Smile Back's Silverman admitted to not knowing her overused phrase, but said, "I want to have a signature phrase, though. I've been really trying to push this: 'Sounds like my ex-wife.' "

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