Lithuania Builds Virtual Factory in 'Minecraft' to Woo Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of Tesla Motors

The country hopes to persuade Elon Musk's car company to build its next massive factory on their soil.

Lithuanians badly want Tesla Motors to build its next giant factory on their soil, so to grab the attention of the California tech company, they built a virtual version of a facility inside the Minecraft video game.

Vladas Lasas, who was behind the project, says they wanted to send a message to Tesla CEO Elon Musk that Lithuania "has plenty of skillful" people as well as a perfect factory site. He said Saturday that 41 computer geeks spent two days building the virtual factory in Kruonis in central Lithuania near a hydroelectric plant and two airports.

Tesla tweeted Friday: "Lithuania knows the way to our heart."

No date has been set for the announcement of where the factory — estimated to cost 5 billion euros ($5.4 billion) — will be built.