'Little Psy' Goes Solo

Little Psy Hwang Min-woo P

Seven-year-old Hwang Min-woo, Psy’s pint-size doppelganger from the “Gangnam Style” video, drops his debut K-pop album in South Korea.

The 7-year-old Korean boy known as “Little Psy” -- thanks to his cameo in big Psy’s world famous YouTube video, “Gangnam Style” -- has released his own K-pop album.

The would-be pretween phenom Hwang Min-woo hosted a launch party for his album, "Show+Time" at a convention center in Seoul’s Nonhyeon-dong district Wednesday night, according to the Korea Times.

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Wearing a bright blue suit and black bow tie, the little dude said from the stage: “I want to be a singer who is internationally recognized, like Psy.”

The Korea Times said Hwang appeared nervous but determined as he prepped for his first song.

“I will do my best to join the U.S. Billboard chart's top 10 with this album,” he added.

Hwang is repped by Korean management agency Star Zone Entertainment, who arranged for his album to be executive produced by K-pop hitmaker Lee Jung-min and a team of composers called G-Bro.

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The Korea Times described his album as “mostly upbeat songs with catchy tunes.”

Star Zone Entertainment said the album has already caught the attention of promoters in Japan, China, Vietnam and Singapore, where K-pop is hugely popular. Hwang recently visited China to appear on a variety show, the agency said.

“Psy bought me three pairs of sunglasses to celebrate my debut,” the singer later said during his performance in Seoul, sliding on a pair of shades. “I will do my best with them.”

Hwang is a second-grader at Odung Elementary School in Seoul’s Gwangju district. His parents say he has danced since he was 3 months old, and that he's currently working hard at studying English and Chinese to help further his career.