Issa Rae Becomes 13-Year-Old's Assistant in 'Little' Trailer

The film also stars Regina Hall, Marsai Martin, Justin Hartley, Tone Bell, JD McCrary and Rachel Dratch.

Universal Pictures on Wednesday released the first trailer for Little.

In the pic, Regina Hall and Marsai Martin both star as Jordan Sanders. When the adult version of Jordan (Hall) becomes overwhelmed with her job, a wish is cast on her that allows her to relive her life as a 13-year-old (Martin). It is up to her long-suffering assistant April (Issa Rae) to tend to her now 13-year-old boss' needs.

The Tina Gordon-directed film also stars Justin Hartley, Tone Bell, JD McCrary and Rachel Dratch. Gordon penned the script with Tracy Oliver.

The trailer opens with April waking up to a phone call from the demanding Jordan. "Be awake when I call," says Jordan during the phone conversation. April states that she didn't know when Jordan was going to call, therefore she did not know to wake up earlier. The interaction sets the scene that Jordan is a workaholic that expects April to be at her beck and call.

The following scenes continue to show Jordan's demanding and harsh work ethic. When April tries to pitch an idea, Jordan quickly responds, "Just concentrate on being my assistant."

Jordan soon goes head-to-head with a 13-year-old in her office. Following the hostile interaction, the little girl casts a wish that Jordan was 13 so that she could "check" her.

The next day, Jordan shows up to work as a 13-year-old. After Jordan and April come to terms with the age change, a child protective services agent (Dratch) informs the two that Jordan must be enrolled in school.

"To everyone else you're a child, so you have to start acting like it," April tells Jordan as clips play of the 13-year-old confidently strutting the halls of a school. Another clip shows Jordan flirting with her teacher (Hartley), though he quickly shuts her down.

While Jordan heads back to school, April is instructed to take over for her at the office. A montage of clips follows as the two women bond over the circumstance, though they also deal with their fair share of drama.

The trailer concludes with a scene that shows April spanking Jordan outside of the school.

Little is set to hit theaters April 12. Watch the full trailer, above.