Liv Tyler Reveals Kate Moss' Secret to Eternal Style: "She's A Magical Unicorn"

AP Images
Kate Moss, magical unicorn.

Knew it.

The secret behind Kate Moss' eternal cool has been a hotly debated mystery for what seems like decades. Is it her diet? Genetics? Classified access to the Fountain of Youth? 

But finally, after years of speculation, Liv Tyler has confirmed what we always subconsciously knew to be true.

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"Kate is a magical unicorn," the actress told British Vogue, confirming that Moss is indeed an immortal mythical creature. It all makes sense, when you think about it — the great mane, the failure to age, the unyielding "It" factor.

While discussing Moss, with whom she's been pals with since the late '90s, Tyler added, "I love how she doesn't give a f—, she just moves in these free ways, and of course what I was doing didn't look anything like what she was doing. I felt like a total amateur."

There you have it, folks.