Live-action 'G.I. Joe' enlists Sommers


Call it "G.I. Go."

Paramount Pictures has finally mobilized "G.I. Joe" into action, hiring Stephen Sommers to direct the live-action film based on the popular Hasbro military action figures. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is producing.

While "Joe" toys have been around for decades, the movie will be based on the toys launched in the 1980s, which were also tied to a Saturday morning cartoon and comic book series. It is this version that saw the soldiers fight a terrorist group called Cobra, led by the Cobra Commander, and featuring villains like metal-faced Destro, master-of-disguise Zartan and biker gang Dreadnoks.

On the good guys' side were heroes such as the mute ninja Snake Eyes and the fetching heroine Scarlett.

Sommers is best known for helming the "Mummy" movies for Universal as well as the studio's "Van Helsing."

Sommers and Hasbro are repped by WMA.
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