'Live to Dance Winner' Chosen - Paula Abdul

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

D'Angelo and Amanda, who are 9 and 10 respectively, will take home the $500,000 prize.

The first winners of Paula Abdul's Live to Dance were selected Wednesday night.

D'Angelo Castro, 9, and Amanda Carbajales, 10 (who dance under the group name D'Angelo and Amanda), won the $500,000 prize. They specialize in ballroom.

How will they celebrate?

"We are going to a friend's house ... and we're going to go in the pool!" Castro told People magazine. Carbajales says she wants to take a trip to Italy.

"They're extraordinary," said executive producer  and judge Abdul. "Their technique, their choreography, it's unparalleled. You can't believe its all [coming from] these little bodies!"

"We will keep dancing together for a long time because we're a really good couple," Castro added. "People say we dance really well together."