'Live Free or Die Hard' Producer Joins 'Iron Sky' Filmmakers on 'Jeremiah Harm'

Jeremiah Harm Issue #4 Cover - P 2012

Jeremiah Harm Issue #4 Cover - P 2012

'Iron Sky' helmer Timo Vuorensola will direct the sci-fi feature based on the graphic novel of the same name.

COLOGNE, Germany – Tero Kaukomaa and Timo Vuorensola, the Finnish filmmakers behind the crowdsourced 'Nazis from Space' film Iron Sky have teamed with producers Arnold Rifkin (Live Free or Die Hard) and Ross Richie (2 Guns) to adapt the graphic novel Jeremiah Harm for the big screen. ?

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The sci-fi drama, which Vuorensola will direct and Kaukomaa, Richie and Rifkin will produce, focuses on a intergalactic bounty hunter sent to Earth to hunt down a group of space-traveling criminals and the girl they kidnapped. The graphic novel was written by Keith Giffen and Alan Grant for Boom! Studios. Richie is the founder and CEO of Boom! Studios.

Taking a page from Iron Sky's playbook, the filmmakers plan to use online crowdsourcing to help finance and produce Jeremiah Harm. Iron Sky raised around $1 million of its $10 million budget from fans and investors online and tapped its Internet fan base to help develop and promote the movie. For the new movie, the producers have launched a new site: www.jeremiahharm.com where fans can create their own aliens for the film.

Iron Sky earned a slim $122,000 on U.S. theatrical release but has grossed upwards of $8 million worldwide.