'Live With Kelly and Ryan' Producer Michael Gelman Breaks Record for Most Morning Talk Show Episodes Produced

Gelman, who has overseen 7,534 episodes of the morning talk show, became a Guinness World Record title holder on Friday.

Live With Kelly and Ryan concluded their "Record Breaker Week" by announcing that executive producer Michael Gelman earned a Guinness World Records title for “The Most Morning Talk Show Episodes Produced for a Single Talk Show.”

As of Sept. 12, Gelman has produced 7,534 episodes of the morning talk show. In 1988, Gelman became the youngest producer to work on a nationally syndicated talk show. He has been with Live since its inception.

"As executive producer, Michael Gelman is responsible and has control over almost every aspect of this show at all times," co-host Ryan Seacrest said before revealing the news.

The camera then focused on Gelman, who was "freaking out," according to co-host Kelly Ripa. She then invited Gelman over to the center of the stage and instructed him to sit in her chair.

"You know what his one golden rule is?," Ripa asked, addressing the audience. "His one golden rule, executive producing this show 87,000 years in a row: 'No surprises,' he says. 'I don't like surprises.'"

"The only thing that has always remained a constant was our executive producer Michael Gelman," said Ripa as clips of Gelman working on the show over the years played onscreen.

"We've seen Gelman grow up and change before our eyes," continued Seacrest. "I was an infant when I first saw him on the show. He's so devoted to this show. He will do just about anything and everything for our viewers."

An emotional Gelman hugged Ripa as Seacrest said that he "has been at the helm for all of these years."

Seacrest then invited Guinness World Record spokesperson Michael Empric onstage to share the news of Gelman's achievement. "So we've been working on this for a while at Guinness World Records behind your back. We love recognizing ordinary people that do amazing things," he said. "Gelman, with 7,534 episodes produced, I can now announce that you are the Guinness World Records title holder for most morning show episodes produced by an individual."

"Thanks, Mom," Gelman said as confetti fell from the ceiling and the audience broke into a loud round of applause.

"I don't know why I'm so emotional, but I want to say one thing," said Ripa. "Michael Gelman is truly one of these guys. You could have — if you wanted to, if you really wanted to, you could've left here and really achieved the highest level — you could've run a company, a network, a film studio. You really could have, but you chose us and we feel blessed that you have stuck by us. You're the best."

Watch the full announcement above.