Live releasing Amsterdam concert DVD/CD

Ed Kowalczyk calls venue 'transcendent'

CLEVELAND -- After years of talk, Live recently recorded a June performance in Amsterdam with plans to release a concert DVD/CD package in the fall.

"The venue we wound up in was this place called the Paradiso, which was actually an old church," frontman Ed Kowalczyk said. "It was just a fantastic venue, and we saw some of the footage and it's just sort of a transcendent looking place. Obviously being a church it already has that vibe going for it, and that coupled with the energy of the audience and the way they lit it, I think it's just going to be extraordinary."

Kowalczyk says while the DVD/CD track listing hasn't been determined, the band's set list included material from all seven Live studio albums, as well as its popular cover of Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line."

"There are some surprises in there for sure," Kowalczyk said. "From what I saw in the truck, the way they documented the emotion of the fans, I'm hard-pressed to think of a another recent concert movie that I've seen, except for maybe U2 with the 3-D thing, where they captured the essence of the fans response and reaction so profoundly. I know that's raising the bar by comparing it to U2, but I think I'm right and people will understand when they see it."

Live plans to a few new studio tracks to complement the CD portion of the DVD release, which is currently untitled and tentatively due in October. The band, which is now shopping the project with labels, hopes to tour throughout 2009 in support of the concert release.

In the meantime, Live is touring in the summer with Collective Soul and Blues Traveler through mid-August before returning to Europe in the fall for a month of "Night of the Proms" dates. There also appears to be some solo talk from Kowalczyk, but he's keeping his plans close to the vest.

"I've been messing around, and it's nothing I can really talk about because none of it is done yet," Kowalczyk said. "But I've been branching out and doing some stuff on my own to a greater degree than I ever have. I'll leave it at that. Watch for my bald head next year in a couple of different spots that you might not have expected."