LivePlanet execs launch online prod'n outfit


Former top execs at Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's shingle have resurfaced at the helm of a new digital-minded production company.

Larry Tanz and Keith Quinn — CEO and senior vp development and production, respectively, at LivePlanet — will launch a company with $7 million in venture-capital funding to produce online content.

Tanz and Quinn will be joined by a third principal, Scott Ehrlich, a digital-media veteran with stints at Real Networks, and News Corp.

The firm has begun making the rounds in Hollywood and beyond to seek content deals but has yet to put specific projects in the pipeline. Tanz declined comment.

The venture joins a growing list of companies seeking to specialize in digital content, including 60 Frames, DECA and Generate.

Tanz and Quinn had been with LivePlanet since its launch in 2000; Tanz exited the company in January with the shuttering of its film division, while Quinn stayed on longer to shepherd current projects to completion.

Tanz and Quinn are also producers on the upcoming LivePlanet documentary "Running the Sahara," which Damon executive produces and narrates. (partialdiff)