Lizzy Caplan Reveals Her '3,2,1 … Frankie Go Boom' Co-stars' Diva Habits (Video)

The actress plays what she describes as "the drunkest girl at every party" in Jordan Roberts' farcical comedy.

In the upcoming comedy, 3,2,1 … Frankie Go Boom, Lizzy Caplan plays a recently dumped woman who is still reeling from her heartache when she embarks on a one-night stand with Frankie (Charlie Hunnam) that goes terribly wrong.

Frankie’s brother (Chris O’Dowd) is recording the whole thing, and the farcical story takes the two brothers on a crazy journey to get the sex tape back before it gets into the wrong hands.

Caplan, 30, the main female lead in the film, lets The Hollywood Reporter in on some secrets involving her male co-stars' demands on set.

“I find that male co-stars are always bigger divas than the girls,” she jokes. “Just yelling for hair and makeup all the time, specific types of bottled water.”

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Caplan isn't afraid to name names, either. She tells THR that Hunnam demanded green M&Ms, while O’Dowd needed someone to shampoo his hair and leg hair every day.

In the comedy, from director Jordan Roberts, Caplan says she played her character based on “the drunkest girl at every party.”

“I just liked how completely sad and damaged she was but how funny she was about it,” she says. “There’s something really fun about playing someone who is not funny at all, who doesn’t think that she has a sense of humor and probably doesn’t, and is just so over the top ridiculous.”

Caplan, whose Save the Date opens Dec. 14 and is known for her roles in the bawdy comedy Bachelorette and the much-loved, short-lived Starz series Party Down, says she enjoys playing women who don’t quite have their lives together.

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“I don’t know if I should be taking it personally that I’m always approached for these roles, but I think it’s always preferable to play someone who’s messy and doesn’t have all of her stuff together

However, Caplan, who has also appeared in Mean Girls, Hot Tub Time Machine, HBO’s True Blood and Fox’s New Girl, tells THR she wouldn’t mind stepping way out of the dark comedy world -- for an action film. (Caplan got her warmup by starring in the Avengers “one-shot” short film Item 47, directed by Marvel co-president Louis D'Esposito.)

“One of the joys of being an actor is getting to do many different things, and I think one of the scariest part of being an actor is getting pigeonholed into one type of role,” she says.

Watch THR’s interview with Caplan above.