Accused LL Cool J Burglar Pleads Not Guilty

LL Cool J

The night's host, LL Cool J, chose a sharp Giorgio Armani tuxedo, which he pairs on the red carpet with a big smile.

Jonathan Kirby was allegedly involved in a fight with the rapper after breaking into his L.A. home last week.

A man accused of breaking into LL Cool J’s L.A. home has plead not guilty.

Jonathan Kirby, 56, appeared in court Wednesday to enter the plea, TMZ reports. Kirby was charged as a third strike offender, meaning he could face anywhere from 38 years to life if convicted.

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Kirby, who is described as a transient, is accused of entering LL Cool J’s home early last Wednesday. According to police, the rapper, apprehended the man after a "knock-down, drag-out" fight.

Kirby was treated at an area hospital with a broken jaw and nose afterwards, and apparently still showed bruises from the fight during his court appearance. Kirby is being held at $1.1 million bail and is set to appear in court next month.

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After last week's break in, the rapper issued a statement through a spokesman:

"As a father, husband and citizen, he is committed to keeping his family safe and is cooperating with authorities on this private matter,” the statement read.

LL Cool J, whose real name is James Todd Smith, appears on CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles. In June he announced he was working on a new album.