Local films make strides at French b.o.


PARIS -- With six homegrown films in the top 10 boxoffice slots, the French film industry is making strides to catch up to Hollywood, taking a 44.2% share of French boxoffice admissions for the first 11 months of the year, state-run film administrator CNC reported Wednesday. American imports grabbed a 46% share, a 1.2% decrease from 2005.

Overall admissions for the period jumped 10.4%, to 167.48 million.

After disappointing boxoffice returns in October, a 9.3% decrease from the same month in 2005, November saw a 13% increase in ticket sales compared with 2005, to 14.6 million.

The current boxoffice leader for the year is cult hit "Les Bronzees 3," with 10.4 million admissions, followed by strong performances from other French fare, including "Camping," "You Are So Handsome" and recent releases "Prete-moi ta main" and "Days of Glory."

Ticket sales over the last 12 months are estimated at 191.2 million, an increase of 11.3% compared with the preceding year.