Local Hardware Stores on Increased Demand for Earthquake Kits

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In addition to requests for earthquake kits, hardware stores have been rapidly selling "the elements," such as furniture straps, putty and flashlights.

In the aftermath of the earthquakes in Ridgecrest, Calif., on Thursday and Friday, local hardware businesses in Los Angeles have experienced such a spike in earthquake kits that many have already run out of supplies. 

"We are completely sold out," said a representative from Home Depot in Hollywood. "As soon as the earthquake hit on Thursday, we put the kits in the front window and people were just picking through them." He added that comprehensive kits containing supplies for groups of four people continue to be sold online along with additional options. 

As The Hollywood Reporter reached out to other hardware stores in Los Angeles, the situation was repeated over and over. In light of many big stores selling out of the preparedness kits, one representative recommended that people visit army surplus stores instead of the major players such as Home Dept. 

Baller Hardware in Los Feliz has not yet sold out of kits, though the store is receiving a lot of requests for "the elements" such as furniture straps, earthquake putty and flashlights. Anawalt Lumbar in Hollywood noted an increase in requests for water and fire extinguishers, while Tritch Hardware in Eagle Rock has recently sold several tools to stop the flow of gas in an emergency. 

In the wake of the quake, Busy Phillips took to social media to share her earthquake preparedness plan. "Since I had a kid I've kept running shoes and water next to my bed and also in my car," the actress tweeted. "The running shoes had never occurred to me before, I guess? I think it's a good thing to do, is what I'm saying, even if you don't have a kid. Also, I bought those earthquake kits on Amazon."