Local Network Footage Shows Deadly Reality Show Helicopter Crash in Argentina (Video)

AP Images/Invision
The crash site on the set of 'Dropped' in Villa Castelli, Argentina

Amateur video shows the midair collision that killed eight contestants of French reality show 'Dropped' on Monday.

A home video emerged on Tuesday featuring footage of the Monday helicopter crash that killed 10 people, including eight members of the French survival show Dropped, in Villa Castelli, a town in La Rioja province of Argentina.

Originally broadcasted by Televida 9, a local network in the province of Mendoza, the video shows the midair collision between the two aircrafts, which belonged to the state governments of La Rioja and Santiago del Estero, and were leased to the show’s producers.

Local Judge Virginia Illanes Bordon confirmed on TN news channel that 10 carbonized bodies had been retrieved from the crash site and delivered to La Rioja state capital for autopsy.

Illanes Bordon also said that retrieval work couldn’t begin until early Tuesday morning because of the difficult access to the area. A flooded river and a closed mountain road were to blame for the delay of specialists from La Rioja’s capital city. The judge also confirmed French officials are currently traveling to the area to assist in the investigation.

Meanwhile, the crew and friends of the reality show participants were taken to a nearby hotel where they are being assisted by a team of psychologists sent by the state government. Illanes Bordon told reporters that she spoke to two family members who were “deeply broken down.”

“This is a small town, so when these celebrities come they are welcomed by the people and come in direct contact with them,” said State Police Commissioner Luis Páez

According to La Nacion newspaper, the Secretary of Security of La Rioja Luis Angulo told Radio America “there was wind in the area, because it’s its the Andean foothills, but the flying conditions were optimal.”

One of the deceased pilots, Juan Carlos Castillo, was the official pilot for the helicopter of La Rioja government. According to Castillo’s wife, Cristina Alvarez, he was an experienced pilot and a veteran of the Falklands War. Alvarez told TN this was “a routine flight for him” and that “he was flying at a low altitude, which makes it difficult to engage in emergency maneuvering.”

La Rioja State Governor Luis Beder Herrera told La Nacion that both aircrafts were "new Eurocopters, very good ones, in prime condition with all safety devices" in order.  

Watch the video, broadcast by Televida 9, below.